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Deedlebug Cards

I made these cards as a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband. “Deedlebug” is a nickname that my grandmother came up with for him, so I used that as the inspiration for the illustrations on each of the face cards, aces, and jokers.


I sketched out what I imagined some “deedlebugs” to be and then transferred my sketches into Adobe Illustrator to finalize them.


I followed a similar process to create the back of the cards, which feature an ambigram — calligraphy that is able to be read both right-side-up and upside-down — of the word “LOVE,” since that is the theme of the deck. The card backs read “I love that…” and the fronts of the cards finish the sentence (e.g. I love that you’re a great listener).


I drew custom suit symbols, carefully chose the fonts and color palette, and had two decks printed — one to play with and one to keep in mint condition.

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