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Flama Typeface Specimen

For this class project, we were assigned a typeface and a typographic term, which we then had to display in a type specimen poster that also included particular information on the typeface and a “six word memoir.” This poster would then be printed on a risograph and put into a book which each class member received at the end of the quarter. For this reason, we were limited to just two colors of our choosing out of four options.

My assigned typeface was Flama and my term was “lowercase.” I think the strength of this type family lies in its multitude of styles, so I wanted to highlight that. I chose the six word memoir “I, for one, like roman numerals,” and used roman numerals to call attention to the variety that this type family offers — XLV styles, X weights, IV widths, II postures. I included the definition of my term as a footnote to the paragraph which contains the required information on the typeface.

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