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Nintendo Game Developers Conference Identity 2024

Nintendo has a strong presence at the Game Developers Conference every year, and each year they create a unique look and feel for their booths and signage. This year, I had the opportunity to develop that identity, along with a team of two other designers. 

The chosen concept featured a custom-made pattern using hardware icons to highlight Nintendo's platform. Behind this pattern was a dramatic dark gradient background, creating a feeling of depth and gravitas.

The top image here is a simplified mockup of the booth, which included two large branded walls and a reception counter on the front face of their meeting room set up.

Next are a few of the various signs which were used throughout the conference venues. The red branding bar is a consistent feature throughout all of the pieces for easy brand recognition, while the color-coded highlights help with way-finding and bring in a second pop of color.

At the bottom of the page, you'll find my initial concepts. I started with three ideas, each with a different focus: a hardware-forward, a software-forward, and a graphical approach.

Round 1 Concepts

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