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Zooparc de Beauval Symbol Set

While I was in France, I saw a billboard advertisement for this zoo and had felt inspired to create something for it. I landed on a symbol set for wayfinding throughout the zoo and on its map pamphlet.

The zoo's current brand is quite childlike, with rough shapes and handwritten-style type. I wanted to keep that youthful appeal while also smoothing it out a bit to create a more sophisticated look. It is, after all, the "fourth most beautiful zoo in the world!"

After going through many iterations of different possible icon styles, I settled on this simplistic style in which each animal is drawn with a single line and a dot for their eye. I chose HW Artz and Filson Soft for the typography, echoing the soft, loopy shapes of the icons and maintaining that kid-friendly feeling.

Lion Icon Process

Additional Process Examples

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