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Family Cookbook

My family is very close-knit, quirky, and fun. Our gatherings are full of love and laughter and I wanted to convey that in my family cookbook.

Between each section of the book is a feature on one of the branches of the family, including a "how they met" story and family pictures. Sprinkled throughout the book are quotes and anecdotes from family members: sharing memories, expressing personalities, and cracking jokes. The beginning of the book includes a family tree and our family grace — a song written by my great great uncle that we sing at every family gathering.

From a design standpoint, I chose an energetic, handwritten typeface for the titles and sprinkled hand drawn images throughout to give it a homemade feel. I used vibrant colors to match my family's lively disposition, and spiral bound it for practicality so that it can lay open and flat when cooking.

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