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zelos games icons

2020 Zelos Games

Zelos is a startup company making an app for track and field. When the 2020 season was cancelled due to COVID, we had to rethink what value we could provide to the track community in light of this drought in competition. We decided to use our data-driven platform to run a simulation of the 2020 Olympics. We called it the Zelos Games and used it as a fundraiser to help Olympic hopefuls continue their training for another year.

As the only designer for Zelos, I created the identity and assets for the campaign from conception to delivery, including icon design, type and image choice, social media templates, and videos.

We wanted the campaign to be highly engaging and exciting, as well as informative. To that end, I used diverse colors and imagery to create intrigue, while keeping a consistent and clean layout to communicate all of the information.

The icons represent the different disciplines and are modeled after the Zelos logo.

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