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PowerA Fusion Pro 2
HTML 5 Banners

PowerA came to us with the ask of making digital banner ads that were highly eye-catching and exciting, using the look and feel established in the promo video and style guide we had recently created for them. To achieve this, we decided to create the banners in HTML5 — the newest version of the HTML language, which allows for motion (albeit in a limited capacity) — rather than produce static assets, to make these banners really engaging.


I focused my storyboard concepts on constant motion, making sure there was never a static moment. Almost every element is moving at all times — the background gradient, the particle wave, the renders, and the text — and that motion is paced, accelerated, and decelerated very deliberately for optimal impact.


I refined my concepts using Figma prototypes to introduce real motion, allowing our team and the client to review a very close-to-real product without spending a ton of time coding or animating between reviews. Working closely with our developer to push the limits, while ensuring we did in fact stay within the technical confines of an HTML5 banner ad, we created a final set that the client was thrilled with, and which performed very well.

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