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Xbox Series S
Next Gen Banners

For this campaign, I was tasked with creating a system that could flex to show one, two, or three game IPs, in order to advertise the Xbox Series S with its new tagline on social and in digital ads. Using the distinctive circular vent of the console as a framing device for the artwork, I was able to create space for up to three blades of game art that looked fresh and celebratory.


When showcasing only one IP, the circle container shrinks so that it fits fully on the canvas, and the artwork within is able to break the frame for a more exciting experience, as if the characters are coming through the virtual window of the console into the viewer’s world. In the case of multiple IPs, however, the game art is contained to its own blade to avoid legal issues, and the container expands to accommodate the additional artwork.


The background pattern of the vent holes remains consistent through each execution, but the gradient behind the game art changes for each blade to hero the game’s signature colors. There is also a drop shadow between blades to add separation and depth.

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