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Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Controller and Headset Packaging

I worked on these together with a colleague, Jeff, from Ten Gun. We started by concepting both the headset and controller packaging as a set, each of us contributing a few concepts for the first round. As we moved through refinements and final production, I took charge of the controller while Jeff took over the headset.


Concepting involved not only the artwork on the outside of the box, but also exploring how else we could differentiate this limited edition and make it really unique. We considered special print treatments, an o-sleeve, additional art pieces and accessories to include in the box, specialized pouches or wraps for the internals, and more. What we landed on was internal printing, an insert in the top of box, and a unique tray design in order to capitalize on every possible surface of the package.


After studying the game art and style guide, we came up with several initial concepts and finally landed on this minimalistic approach. It leans into the art direction of Constellation, the in-game organization at the heart of the plot which heavily informs the overall Starfield brand, while including the “gravity wave” pattern that is used in the key art and throughout the brand. The stark contrast between the dark background, the white hardware, and the red accents throughout bring these packages to life and position them squarely in the aspirational and nostalgic feeling of the game and brand.


For the internal tray, we took inspiration from the hardware itself, mimicking the schematic feeling in the line art. The tray art for the controller is gray, while the headset uses dark blue, to balance the extra white space on the headset’s tray and the business of the controller face.

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